Power of a Name

March 22, 2009
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Mentioning his name brought small trickles of water to my eyes.
It gave me shivers and dark thoughts.
The name, the one that was his.Was nice.But this name was so dark to me.
Hearing it would cause chaos in my head.It would drive me to depression, the end of my road.
I couldn't put my finger
on what was so different about this name.
What made it effect me so greatly?
I had never known
what it was like to feel alone.
I didn't know what
it was like to be hurt
beyond repair.
Metaphorically speaking, my heart was broken.
The boy with that
name had broken it.
He cut my heart.
Shattered it. Abandoned it.
Though my heart
had been pieced
back together,
there is still a small piece missing. A piece that will never
be put back.
A part of this
puzzle that
will always be
The person with that
name will never
be forgotten.
As time passes by..
That name will still
give me shivers
down my spine
and dark thoughts
within my mind.
That name will
still be so powerful
that mentioning it will bring small
trickles of water to my eyes.

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