shooting star

March 20, 2009
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Shooting Star

Without a Warning, It comes with no sound

A beam of light bolts from the sky, Shoots far from its home

To grant a wish to all who see

Everypart of the world can share its magic

This vivid ray of light brings ambition

With its brightness it somehow draws inspiration

A sensation life forgets to remember

It astoundes every eye that has caught a glimpse

It opens the hearts of us all to the wonders the earth can portray

But such amazement does not live long, it doesn’t even make a sound

Untill we cross its path again

But not soon will we see its dazzling light, for this unique object only appears so often

So make your wish and make it quick, take in all the awe, thrill the magic that it reveals

For the next blink you take it will no longer exsist

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