Craving the Desire to Want

March 18, 2009
By Hannah Taylor BRONZE, Olympia, Washington
Hannah Taylor BRONZE, Olympia, Washington
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The gray of desire is no black and white
You may wish and may dream but it’s still out of sight
Through your heart and your soul you cry out in pain
Yearning will drive you, will drive you insane

Through smiles and frowns, your day will be night
And your sun will be rain, through thunder and fright
Desperate hands will be willing, but you will be gone
To hell you’ll be soaring, no blue sky or song

You run through the puddles in allies at night
Wishing for more though you know it’s not right
Your arm still scarred with your unpromising past
Still wishing to God that this craving will pass

The book you once kept with feelings and dreams
Were lies and deception from God’s games and schemes
For somebody else this life may be worse
But to you your desire has just been a curse

Remember the day when frowns were uncommon
This war with your self was never an omen
You look in the mirror and what do you see
You no longer see you, you can only see me

I am your heaven, your hell, and your soul
I deprive you from life and place you in a hole
I turn on your tears and make you say please
I now have become your whole lives biggest tease

Don’t tell them you’re sorry, they are not the reason
You made a choice and you’re guilty with treason
You are mine forever, until you die
Do not complain, do not scream, do not cry

You spend all your money on the feeling that lasts
Only moments you recognize soon will pass
I took your smiles, your hopes, and your dreams
Now you know what it’s like to hear only screams

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