symbolizing roses

March 31, 2009
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There’s just something about a rose,
which reminds me of us.

There’s just something about a rose,
the way it brightly and brilliantly glows,
the way each petal is carefully held together,
able to stand through the worst weather,
the way a rose dances along with the breeze,
in perfect rhythm with the lightest of ease,
the way they look so delicate, and perfect,
making every glance at it worth it,
the way every rose is defined by its curve,
every little purpose well served,
the way a rose closes protecting its heart,
so if it may fall it will fall together and not apart,
the way a rose lives without a worry or fear,
that it might disappear as fast as it appeared,
we, are like a rose.
With every moment of every waking day,
we shall grow, and light the way,
show everyone our individual and unique,
Rose like Glow.

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