March 31, 2009
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imagine standing in the sand,
on a island on the edge of the sea,
the deep blue ocean and the quiet sea breeze,
you watch each wave break along the shore,
your heart beating against your chest daring to explore,
But you continue standing eyes wide and full of awe,
Unable to pick out a single wonder less flaw,
your eyes dance with the wings of a two small blue birds begging to fly,
the beautiful white sand, and the endless clear light sky,
Ridged rocks to your left, bright green grass to your right,
your toes lightly covered in the cotton white,
two delicate butterfly's flow with the wind,
two fragile palm trees pinned to the soft ground around you,
The exact peaceful paradise you've been looking for,
everything you ever wanted and more,
Few broken shells lay upon your feet,
you slowly start to realize that there’s one single flaw,
you notice your presence inst complete,
you glance to your side, and feel the emptiness within you,
and you immediately know you'd trade it all,
without even thinking it completely though,
just to have that one person stand next to you,
you look back at your paradise with a new view,
and you wish it wasn't only just you,
but could that ever be true?

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