These days

March 31, 2009
By Mariah Carley GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
Mariah Carley GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
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There’s those days where you feel like your on top,
where every moment of happiness never stops,
where your presence is the life of the crowd,
where your not afraid to be who you are and be proud.

Where nothing can bring your self confidence down,
where the people thrive on the high that you leave around.

Where people notice you just by the brilliant smile on your face,
and where loneliness and sadness goes without a trace.

Then there’s those days where you feel like you don't matter,
and every happy moment you long for shatters,
and your left with an emptiness feeling,
that no one or anything is appealing enough,
to change the way you look at life standing at the bottom looking up,
wishing for anything to bring you out of this state of mind,
But nobody notices you, almost as if they've gone blind.

Where Nothing Goes your way,
we all know no two days are the same.

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