March 31, 2009
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We don't go out driving anymore, you and I
The lonely Cadillac just sits and waits,
waiting for the drive
Cruising with the windows down the radio up loud
We've stopped now
driving less and less
together less and less
There's no difference between shot gun or the backseat
No excitement in speeding through the world together, at least not for you and me
I'm sure the highway misses us
The two free spirits without a care
The long stretch of black feels empty now
To be in the seat next to you,
one last ride together
Remembering the good 'ol days and the times when
Planning the future, and how life's going to be
Not acknowledging the difficulties
Just knowing where we want to end up
We miss each other so much we've lost contact
and together we can't relate
We look for ways out, trying to find others to speak with
We're just not who we used to be
Such little time has torn us apart, and not gently I might add
So hard that the sight of the road is painful
So hard that even I'd be willing to drive right now
but it continues to wait
Waiting for the drive
That beat up Cadillac parked to the side

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