Storybook Life

March 31, 2009
By Krystal Bartels GOLD, Middleburgh, New York
Krystal Bartels GOLD, Middleburgh, New York
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Daddy’s only,
Tucked tightly between thoughts of princesses,
Warmly curled up with feelings of love,
Having never felt heartbreak.
Ready to close out childhood reality,
Looking up to him,
Reassured it’s alright to enter a different world.

Dreadfully waking up from dreaming.
Dark as an attic make-up smeared,
What a night.
Head spinning as fast as a sports car, throwing the covers off,
Feet touching the cold floor.
Smothered with mini skirts and tank tops leading to the bathroom,
Where the mirror hangs,
Revealing not the fairest of them all,
But a teen who’s lived, loved, lost,
And faced the reality that stares back,
Seeming like a dream.

Manicured hand reaching for the alarm clock,
Kiss on the cheek good morning.
Buttoning up shirt,
Slipping on skirt,
Placing Gucci glass slippers on already tired feet.
Tugging at her night gown,
Shaking my sweetie’s smooth sleeping shoulders,
Ruining her dream of a night at the ball.
Picking out her Disney outfit,
Out the door of our castle, breakfast in hand, our carriage awaits,
Our day only beginning.

But at the end,
As I lean in the doorway,
Listening to prince charming tell stories to an awaiting princess,
Thoughts of my own life turn its pages in my mind,
Making me realize days pass like fairytales,
A new story made in each moment.

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