March 31, 2009
By denise195 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
denise195 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Today i woke up with the sound of the birds.. yesterday i fell asleep with the sound of your words..Today im the one who gets to pick.. im tired of being the one who falls for the trick.. Today i decide if you get to stay, today i say what i want to say..Today im the one who makes the rules, today im the one who uses the tools.. Today i walk off with the last word, because hearing you talk is absurd..Today im the singer rockin' the stage, today im the priest reading the page. Today im the star up in the sky, no longer confused asking why?
Today im better than you, I know you dont mean it when you say "i love you" .. Today im the apple sitting on the table.. Im no longer living the fable. Today I got shimmer on my lips, no longer the chick waiting, hands on my hips. Today I'll wear my favorite jeans, Today I'll show you what love truly means.. Today im the best of them all, Today i walk through the wall..Today I'll mingle with the stars, and maybe later throw a party on mars..
Today Im over you, Today Im tired of always being there for you. Today im married wearing a ring, today your no longer the king!

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