Running Blindly

March 31, 2009
By Jimmy GOLD, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jimmy GOLD, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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I ran with my eyes closed shut

Ran so far to see if I could find home
and I kept on running

None stop footsteps
Right to left and right left again

And I can no longer pretend
That I’m okay here

I ran down and up hills
Over and over

As sweat rolled down my face
Like the tears in my eyes

And now I cant even find a piece of mind
To help me relax
So I keep running

Running with my eyes closed shut

As I finally slow down my heart beats faster

I’m here my eyes open wide
To see the dirty light blue walls and old pale brown fence
And I’m Home

I rang the door bell
Once or twice
Then a dozen times after

But no one was there to open the door

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