Not What I Seem

March 31, 2009
You've called me strong
But you are wrong
Strong I may appear on the outside
Though weak am i on the inside
When I act happy
I am not truly that
Though I seem glad
I may truly be sad
When you see me crying
That means I am dying
When I say im fine
Im lyin
When I say I dont care
I need you to be there
When I say don't do it
In my words Im sayin
Be careful
Of weakness I am full
Of strength I am almost empty
In my words this simply
Means that you dont know me
As well as you seem
But if you need me to be
I will be as strong as I can be
I will be the strength you need
When your on your knees
But when your on the floor
Ill pick you up and show the door
To my world so you can see
What I have seen
Then Ill turn you around
And tell you to stand your ground
For you have not been
Where I have been
You have not seen
What I have seen
And you have not yet gone through
The pain I have gone through
So you thought me strong before now
What do you think me now?

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xMeadowx said...
Mar. 30, 2010 at 6:18 pm

omg I can't believe no one commented this! It's great :] I love it

 Good job!! :D

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