Miracles Do Happen

March 31, 2009
Maybe in ten years
I'll be able to see myself
Getting into gear
But for right now
I just want to have fun
Live it up, kick back
And maybe even play in the sun
For nine years of my life
I was pushed
By my dad’s ex-wife
To be something I wasn't
But every day I strived for something
I never knew what it was
At first I imagined it was nothing
Each day I longed to get to my school
My sanctuary, my home
Each day
Scared to go to the place I called home
Lingering at the bus stop
She and my dad had a big fight
And the next day he wasn't there
I prayed to God for the gift of flight
To get me out of that place
Each day not seeing that truck
Parked outside the house
Was like a big Irish pot of bad luck
But every Saturday in
He would come get me
And take me to my Uncle's
They would sometimes ask me
If I wanted to live with them
I wanted to, but I had so many friends
That I did not want to leave
But I wanted it to finally end
Now I'm here
And I have no idea where I'm heading
But I'm glad it’s not the same road
And depending on whose leading
Miracles can happen

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