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March 31, 2009
By Rachel Osterholt BRONZE, Portland, Indiana
Rachel Osterholt BRONZE, Portland, Indiana
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The seatbelt light comes on
She sees the canals of Venice down below
The plane lands on the tarmac
Onward to the terminal

She meets up with her mother
And her tour group from school
Onward they travel
Luggage being dragged along

The ferry is waiting
She follows the group onto the dock
There they meet the tour guide
Welcome to Italy, he says

The ferry soon arrives at the hotel
She exits the ferry and onward she goes
Opening the doors, she enters the warm building
Leaving behind the chill of the evening air

She follows her room mates
Up to the top floor they go
Opening the door she drops her luggage
Exhausted from the long trip

But the day is not over
She must put her weariness aside
Hurry, freshen up and change cloths
Brush her teeth and hair

Then it is time to go downstairs
There she sits with her mother and friends
They fill the time with tired chatter
Then it is time to go

Onward to the dinning hall
A three course meal is brought
Pasta, Turkey and Potatoes, gelato
A full stomach after a long trip feels wonderful

Finally there is time for a shower
Washing away the grime
She feels clean and revived
She dons her warm pajamas and off to bed

She thinks to her self in the quiet of the room
She can not believe she is here
This will be the trip of a life time
Here with her mother making memories together

Good night mom and friends
Good morning dad and brother
She falls into a deep sleep
Ah, sweet, sweet slumber

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