March 31, 2009
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do you remember our first talk
our first look in to each others eyes
i remember your outfit that day
when you were dancing in the rain
i loved hanging out with you
staying at your house till we had to go in
waking up early so we could get a head start to school alone
do you remember our first kiss my pink lipgloss on your cheek then on your lips
or when you ended up dating my best friend just to make me mad
or when you finally moved away
we still stayed in touch but it wasn't the same
i saw you today you not what i remembered what happend to the sweet cameron i once knew
the one that could make me laugh even when it was time for me to cry
what happend to your cute little hugs your hand in between mine
or the amazing kisses you once gave so its true people do change if only you would have stayed the same

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