Monsters, Creatures and The Animal

March 31, 2009
By Angelo Zeno SILVER, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Angelo Zeno SILVER, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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From my window I watch
I watch my world slip away
A beautiful world was promised to me
But a grotesque world is in my hand
A world were us humans were generous
But we are nothing except rancid creatures
A world were our children can play
But the repulsive monsters wait
Is there any scene i can call safe
Is there any region i can call home
The monster wait for us
There skin has become the shadows
There minds lost in the lust
They crave for the innocent
But they have not yet noticed
There is no innocence left in this world
But who i am to judge
We creatures are no better
We prey on the trust of each other
We deceive and lie
Why are we not The Monsters
The Monsters do not hide how they look
We hide what we truly are
But me, i am no Monster
I am not creature
I am beneath you all
I am an Animal
I shake like an untamed animal
I think like a afflicted animal
I cry out like a crippled animal
I see like a perverted Animal
I am nothing more than an Animal
But the world does not exile me for this
I am accepted as an Animal
We all join together and share our corruption
I see all of this with my opened eyes
I reach out with a open hand
But am exiled for my action
Now alone i shade myself from the world
I sit alone in my room
I look out the window to observe this world
From my window I watch

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