March 30, 2009
By Mea(: GOLD, Roanoake, Texas
Mea(: GOLD, Roanoake, Texas
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she's so dang perfect
in his eyes anyway
he's so in love with her
talking about her all the time
why couldn’t it be me?
with her he can find no fault
but with me all he can find is fault
he's so in love with her
and that’s not even what hurts the most
its not even that she doesn’t love back
no, the part that hurts the worst
and keeps me up all night crying
is what she does to him
ever since her rejection
its been like an infection
he's all depressed and gloomy
he calls himself a creep
she doesn’t see the guy I do
when he used to be my sunshine
always bright and happy
but now it hurts, just to look at him
to see the pain she’s put him through
and I know that is something I would never do
if only it was me instead of her
if it could just be me
instead of her

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