Thirteen Ways of Looking at My Mother

March 2, 2018
By Warri0rlinkle BRONZE, Shawnee, Kansas
Warri0rlinkle BRONZE, Shawnee, Kansas
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"In this world, you will have troubles, but take heart! I have overcome the world." -Jesus Christ - John 16:33

My mother is an actress playing many roles
In her everyday life.

“Mom, can you help me please?”
“Of course! Here’s what you need to do . . .”

“Mimi, can we go to the dollar store?”
Asked the little girl with a shine in her eyes.
“Hop in the car! Do you want to buy toys or candy?”
Replied the grandmother loving her too much to say “No.”

“Ma’am, my son has been looking for a job for over a year now.”
“I’ll pray with you, and we can bring this to God together.”

“You are the source of so much joy in my life!”
Says a loving husband to his equally loving wife.
“We’re glad to see you again!”
Two sisters say to another.
“I always love to come visit you and your families.”

“Can you help me get the groceries, take out the trash,
And do the laundry?” asks the mother.
“Sure! You already do much more than you ever
Ask of me,” replies the son.

“Can you fix up this costume for me?”
Urgently asks a busy actress.
“It’ll be good as new by morning!”

The mother then plays the role of a nurse
Eagerly helping those in need of her service.

“Now how are we still $5 from where we should be?”
Wonders a diligent accountant.
“A ha! That’s what we were missing! It all fits together.”

“Are we going to have dinner soon?”
“Yes! Would you like me to fix spaghetti or cheeseburgers?”

“I’m sorry you’re going through this; I’ll do what I can to help,”
The mother says writing out a check to a colleague.
“Thank you so much! May God bless you!”

The dog politely sat beside the table.
“Ruff!” She barked, not too loudly.
“Here, have some chicken, then it will
Be time for your walk.”

She is the greatest mother I could ever ask for!

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