My Life

February 26, 2018
By trace.warden BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
trace.warden BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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1 I like skating A
2 I’m always waiting A
3 Sometimes on ice B
4 I like brown rice B
5 I’m with my friends a lot C
6 Sometimes we get caught C
7 So I tie my shoes in a knot C
8 Because we're about to run D
9 And running is fun D
10 Especially with my loved ones D
11 They shine like the sun D
12 I think we're all a little crazy E
13 But my mom likes daisies E
14 I like pocket knives F
15 And i'm like Hugh Hefner because i have a lot of wives  F
16 Sometimes my sister cries like a baby G
17 So i say c’mon that's not like a lady G
18 My dog is always running into things H
19 So we say he's as blind as a bat I
20 I tell alot of lies J
21 But they're all truths K

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