Just Like You

March 30, 2009
By cuti26 PLATINUM, Burton, Michigan
cuti26 PLATINUM, Burton, Michigan
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I tried to forget
To find a trace of regret
To leave it all behind
And not worry about what we had left to find
To just walk away
To accept our separate ways
Just like you did, and continue to do
So I keep my feelings hidden, pretending, like you
But if you look in my eyes, you’ll see
The voice that cries “How could you leave me?”
“Please don’t leave me.”
I don’t want to remember
My hopes for forever
And the ways you showed me
All the ways you loved me
But they all come back
When there’s so much strength I lack
And crying is just to much
And I swung my last punch
And I’ll lose it all
Because I’ve already started to fall

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