The tale of a normal girl.

February 26, 2018
By Shivani Nair SILVER, Kottayan, Other
Shivani Nair SILVER, Kottayan, Other
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She is blind at heart
In this world of remorse.
It's like she can touch love and understand about it all,
But can she feel it? Has her fate listed it's name in her life?
She doesn't know any of them,
She just knows to follow her heart's call.
If it's love , let it be.
If it's sympathy, let it be.
But it can't be hatred for sure,
Her heart's wild,
But she's not that wild berry that's poisonous to all ,
Nor is she inflammable to someone's hold.
She'll play her part,
As beautifully as she's capable of,
Even if her potent is realised or not.
She won't care what the world calls her,
A SL*T , or somebody's HOME.
She'll play her part
And after times pass,
As happily as ever,
She'll depart ,
She'll fall
Like maple leaves,
In an autumn hour.

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