14th of February

February 25, 2018
By Jana_Fadlallah SILVER, Geoje, Other
Jana_Fadlallah SILVER, Geoje, Other
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Why did they die?
How is it fair?
For parents to cry
As they lost their heir
Who is now in the sky


That awful date
The Fourteenth of February
That people now hate
And think it’s scary
And some will always celebrate


They woke up in the morning
Probably grumpy
But they didn’t receive a warning
As a result they were jumpy
And now we’re all mourning


Off to school they went
But never came back
What an awful event
That is clearly a lac
From the beloved president


No action was taken
But a lot of lives were
17 of them and you still weren’t shaken
To you it seemed like a blur
When will you be waken?


The beautiful souls
That we lost that day
They all left holes
That we hope will heal in some way
And left behind their future roles.


This could have been you or me
Or even our loved ones
And this is why we flee
Or you do something about the guns
So our sons are forever free


Students and teachers not only one
Were all taken from us
It gave us a huge stun
And you’re calling this a fuss
Their lives were lost to a gun


We’re all waiting for you
So fix this mess
Not a visit will do
Or even talking to the press
Talk action before it’s overdue

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