March 30, 2009
By princessmadi BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
princessmadi BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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You're making my life miserable,
It is such a shame,
I don't want to play your game,
Because it is so lame.

I am hurt.
It is here to stay,
Every day, I feel the pain,
And I want to forget yesterday.

My heart is broken,
I don't understand,
Words are still unspoken,
In this awful, terrible, land.

My soul is sinking,
All hope is lost.
This friendship...
Was an expensive cost.

It needs to STOP!
The stress hurts really bad,
The way you treat me...
Makes me sad.

Just admit that everyone is tired,
Of us going on, and on.
This very bad relationship,
Has just lasted way to long.

Both of us need to walk away,
Because we cannot stay this way.
It's unfair...
But it's the truth...

Nothing can fix,
The damage we've done.
But I realize, it wasn't all your fault.

We both,
Have treated each other,
Like a worthless grain of salt.

I'll say it now,
And probably again,
I am sorry,
For all the things I said, or did.

For all the hurt I caused you,
For all the pain you felt,
For all of that gossip,
And the mean remarks and lies,

Thinking about the situation,
Makes me want to cry.

I should have taken,
That first step back,
Long, long, ago.
That probably would have prevented,
This problem to grow.

I think I have now,
Said enough,
I know this is really tough,
Really tough, for both of us.

Oh, but one more thing,
I just want to say,
Thanks, for listening,

To me that shows,
You care and respect,
And I,
Really, really like that.

I am so sorry once more,
But, thank you, for this lesson,
It has helped me learn and grow,
As a better and much stronger person.

Now, that is the end,
Of my poem/song,
I hope it meant something,
But, I hope it wasn't too long.

Now, that I have told you this,
I don't feel miserable at all,
It's no longer a shame,
Because we've switched games,
And the new one...
Well..It’s not, so lame.

The author's comments:
I worte this piece a while ago, after one of my friends and I got in this huge fight. I wanted to apologize to her, and that is what inspired me to write this poem. But, I never did get enough courage to give it to her or even tell her about it. We are both okay now, but I will never forget this. This story will stay with me forever...

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