March 30, 2009
By LadyRiss BRONZE, New Lenox, Illinois
LadyRiss BRONZE, New Lenox, Illinois
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I am the average highschooler,
just surviving through.
I am the teenager daughter,
just trying to impress you.

I am the tortured soul,
crying for her dad.
I am the brown eyes,
that just make you sad.

I am the stupid kid,
who thought we were in love.
I am the homesick soldier,
just searching for my dove.

I am the confused,
looking for a cause.
I am the model,
only seeing flaws.

I am the cries,
you hear at night.
I am the awful shadow,
that fills your heart with fright.

I am the needle,
that brings you such joy.
I am the friend you hurt,
over that stupid boy.

I am the dirty wall you see,
as your life passes by.
I am the cold reflection in the mirror,
smiling while you die

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