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March 30, 2009
By Kelly Weaver BRONZE, Dunkirk, Indiana
Kelly Weaver BRONZE, Dunkirk, Indiana
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i cut myself into sections.
disecting every imperfection.
every move i make
is another mistake.

walking, walking, eyes on my feet.
watching, watching, eyes on what i eat.
all-seeing eyes, all on me.
critical eyes in the mirror, staring at me.

can't run, can't escape; it's too late.
trapped, i suffocate.
bullets whisting through my head,
no use, i'm already dead.

battle between strong and weak.
strength is impossible with a view so bleak.
hiding behind the daily mask.
honestly, is honesty too much to ask?

The author's comments:
i believe a lot of people can relate to this because there is so much pressure to be perfect in today's society. many people lack any honesty, and it also deals with how people believe they must wear a mask to potry what they think the rest of the world wants to see. in reality, the best thing to be is yourself, because that is the most unique thing you can do.

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