Rain falls down

February 21, 2018

Look at how the rain, drops on down her face. Covers p her tears as she falls apart. Shes ripping at the seams. Why can you not see that your tearing her apart. Look at all the scars that litter up her arms. But you don't see that do you? No all you see is the rain, as it falls down. You watch as the rain, it swirls down the drain, your so mesmorized that you don't see how it washes away all the red. Theres so much rain falling down that you don't notice how the red falls down to. All you notice is how the rain falls down, the rain falls down. Your so blinded by all the rain in your eyes, you don't notice how the rain is her lifeline. Can't you see the red and how it beats in time with the rain. Can't you tell that when the rain comes to an end that the rain will slow to a stop. But now its up to you. do you care enough to catch her as she falls. Cause like the rain she'll fall, fall down to the ground. Just like the rain and how it falls down.

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