The Death of Her

March 30, 2009
By Adreeahhnah BRONZE, Brookfield, Wisconsin
Adreeahhnah BRONZE, Brookfield, Wisconsin
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She walks right past you, she's feeling so numb.

She smirks at you, because you're so dumb-she thinks your oblivious to her pain.

But you can see it in her eyes,she's lost the will to survive.

She feels as if theres no reason for her to live, but every reason for her to die.

She's so tired of living life in a hollow shell.

She feels no hope of ever being well.

She feels trapped by the memories that won't go away.

She wants to die to escape the pain.

So that night she sits in her room with a bottle of pills.

She takes them one by one, this is her will.

She sits there, feeling her body slowly drifting away.

She still has that feeling of not wanting to stay.

Tonight, she has died. But the thing is, her soul died far too long ago.

Why she chose to take her life, nobody will ever know.

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