A Beautiful Mind; A Cruel Fate

March 30, 2009
By Katheryne Ray BRONZE, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Katheryne Ray BRONZE, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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A child, I remember, so flawless and free
Her mother was God, that’s what she sees
But soon she grew into an unhappy teen
Now just what happened in-between
She heard her mom, she heard her dad
She heard them fighting with all they had
She would cry all night till sleep gave ‘way
She waited and waited for her guardian angel to take her away
When she dreamed she dreamed of people
Some lovely, some ugly, some she married in a steeple
But all these people either fantastical or real
never came to help her heart heal
They were always close but not close enough
When things got worse, she got tough
With the boys she felt safer
‘Cause they had yet to backstab her
But the girls always found some reason to hate
Sometimes she’d look into the sky and asks, “why pick me for such a cruel fate?”
She watched one day as her dad went never to come home again
Now when she sees him she has to ask how have you been
The reply is always and always will be the same
But sooner or later feeling do change
She became more grief ridden, like poison to the brain
Hell bent on world happiness, but that’s insane
So, she tries to help her friends have a happiness that’ll never end
Hoping their happiness will help her mend
I look back to these problems and memories I see
And I can hardly believe, that little child was me
I realize I’m searching, reaching, wanting to be
Wanting to be that child, I remember, so flawless and free
She didn’t Have worries about society
never having to hide anything
I only wish I could be
Once again, that child whose ghost now floats along the darkened sea

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