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February 20, 2018
By celiacaron SILVER, Brentwood, New Hampshire
celiacaron SILVER, Brentwood, New Hampshire
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I'm a girl growing and learning with the eyes of a artist And the hand of a writer
Combined into one person,
Me as myself.
Something real.
So on the days that the rain of reality was too much or the lack of creativity haunted me i'd go looking for the pieces of art that made me, feel, feel something, feel everything.
Something real
So i've been around, i've been looking for art, just trying to find the pieces of art that create the inspiration and simulation of feeling.
I've Seen beautiful
Of Art and writing, Writing and art
Something real
Writing that taught me things and writing that brought me to amazing places that could only be formed in clouds of imagination.
Writing that pulled at my heart and brain like the strings of a puppet
Writing that made those haunting nights filled with lost creativity feel like it wasnt there at all.
Writing that made my fingers tremble as my bones shook earthquakes throughout my skeleton.
Something real
And i've seen art 
Amazing Art
Art that took my breath away and art that made me feel new emotions ones that twisted and grew  in my stomach that shook tears from my eyes and rage in my fists. Id never felt so amazed by any piece of art
Until that day when one peice of art
So pure
And beautiful
Something real.
Made me feel every emotion and took every breath
Stealing and creating Every pain id ever known
Making my heart roll cartwheels inside my chest
And grow beautiful gardens with the biggest butterflies inside my stomach.
It must be real
The colors mixed
Colors of tans and browns creating skins of gold
Gold that formed Curves and skin softer and more defined than any sculpture
Eyes and a smile more glowing and beautiful than any photoshopped magazine.
Moving more swiftly and perfect than any man made creation
It must be real
It was art
Real and beautiful
In the most natural way
It must be real
Except it was more than art it held stories and poems between its lips more well written than any revised and rewritten or compromised and combined form of literature.
stories and poems beautifully raw with truth and feeling
So well written and so well hidden.
That you could only experience when you looked deeper than the outside.
It must be real
Never as a artist have i witnessed a more angelic piece of art
And never as a writer have i witnessed a more well written story
And never as a person have i met someone like..
She is real

The author's comments:

this peice a of  writing was inspired by my girlfreind and my love for art

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