February 22, 2018
By abby_527 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
abby_527 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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Let’s cut this beautiful lie, and get into reality
We all fall in love
It’s beautiful, wonderful
Everything we once dreamed of…
But what happens once we see the true face of love?
Tormenting happens
Love, fights, lies, broken illusions.
During the process of
We think that we’re never going to end.
We’re not going to be like them
We’re actually “meant to be.”
No one can break us up.
We love each other
Things couldn’t be any better
Fights end up occurring
Saying things that we never meant.
Hurting each other.
Not speaking to one another for hours.
Waiting for one of us to speak but
Our pride is way much stronger.
Lies happen that end up
Breaking up our trust.
Lying about where we go,
Who we’re with, what we do.
Lying about being happy,
And still being in love.
When in reality we stop loving each other.
But just then we realize…
Our love was another lie between us.
“I’ll never leave you”
“I could never hurt you”
“You mean everything to me”
“You’re the one”
But just then I realized that my illusions were broken.
With the biggest lie of them all…

“ I love you.”

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