Ten Things I Know to Be True

February 26, 2018
By meganashleygist BRONZE, Modesto, California
meganashleygist BRONZE, Modesto, California
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I know I am almost eighteen,

But still feel like I am twelve.

I know I will never lose excitement,

Excitement for my birthday and Christmas.


I know my family loves me unconditionally,

Even though I sometimes might not realize it.

I know I love my friends,

And cannot get through life

Without them by my side.

I know I need to maintain my grades,

But because my mom raised me too,

And because I am scared to discover the consequences.

I know when I go to college,

I will miss home cooked meals,

But more importantly, my dog.

I know I am extremely addicted to Netflix,

But how will that work in college?


I know most people in the halls,

I won't ever talk to again,

But I will refer to them as

"The people I went to school with."


I know, in a few months,

My whole life will change.

I will be on the other side of the country.


I know in about five months,

I will walk across the graduation stage,

Saying goodbye to Central Catholic High School


And I know in about eight months,

I'll be on a plane headed towards Dayton, Ohio.

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