February 22, 2018
By jenna_bubble BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
jenna_bubble BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Connection between us, it’s nothing we both thought
But that’s not true
we laugh, smile at each other and the most important thing is
we text each other everyday
our connection is strong but not what we think we are
Our friends see us and say there is something between them two
But the people who don’t see the connection is us
We are blind by not seeing the one that makes us laugh
Every single day, is standing right next to us
Our hands touch but we step back and we take a breath
The sun isn’t stopping us, the blindness of us not wanting
To ruin a good friendship that we already have
A connection only the friends can see
But when it comes to the two that
Fell in love all it came down is a tree in between them
That would only block the view of there love
For each other

The author's comments:

Two lovers that can't see that the other loves the other back.  There friends can see it but they are two blind to see it with there own eyes. 

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