I want to be better than you

March 30, 2009
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I want to be better than you.
I want to rub that in your face.

I am so tired of feelings like I am nothing;
and you don't even know what you do.
Me and you just aren't in the same place.

It's not right for me to feel this way.
This feeling does not help me.

I'm hurt, yet, I'm sad I feel bitterness towards
you every day.
I only wish you could see...

See that my heart is being torn and ripped out of my body.
My heart is left for the weak to feed off of.

I don't, when I'm around you, want to be a nobody.
I've let you know that I have had enough.

Even with my broken heart and being so bitter.
I'll forgive you and let go of the past.

Our love will not whither.
Because you say we will last.

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