February 21, 2018
By DeathDove BRONZE, Enoch, Cedar City, Utah
DeathDove BRONZE, Enoch, Cedar City, Utah
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Somedays I lose my strength

and I'm unable to survive

Somedays I lose my will

and I'm unable to strive

Those very often days

when life weighs me down

I'm sinking ever deeper

I always seem to drown

The sun just dissappears

Beyond the rain filled cloud

My mouth is filling up

I never make a sound

Rarely ever rarely

I see a bright white light

Someone comes to save me

They say I'll be alright

I tell myself I'm fine

Though it feels like I am lying

The words they surround me

I feel like I am dying

All these lies I tell myself 

and I don't think they know

I gave up all this trying

A long long time ago.

The author's comments:

I felt inspired to write this when my good friend tried to make me feel better on a dark and lonely day. I also posted this on wattpad, it's called Echoes Of Poetry.

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