Mommy- The Things I Love About You

March 30, 2009
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Mommy, oh mommy, I love when you would play with my hair and I would play with yours
I loved when you would tell me what to do when I was bored
I loved when you would let me help you with the chores
then take me to the park and we would laugh and run and play some more
I loved when you would go on trips and you take me with you
the things I loved about the trips was the fun times I had with you
I loved the way you would cook
the food with tastes in my mouth that would make me go wow and want some more
I loved the way you danced to music and sang in the kitten
it would put music to my ears just to listen
mommy, oh mommy I love everything about you,
and mommy, oh mommy I will never forget you

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