Before Our Time

March 30, 2009
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Skies of Bluest blue
Is what I want to see too
Before I die,
Let me touch the sky
And envelop myself in precipitation
Let me enclose myself in ethereal light
Don’t let me fall
Like the other ones did
Oh no
Don’t let me fall
Take me back to skies of bluest blue
And fields of orange marmalade
Forget the apricot because you’re all I’ve got
Hold me close now
And say those three words
Just like you used to
Right under the bluest blue
Now I’m wishing it could all be the same
But you’re to blame
Creating colors that don’t exist
Even trying to drown me in your fire
Skies of bluest blue is what I want to see too
Please, I’m begging, don’t let me fall
Let me taste the rain one last time
Let me hold onto the rays
Before I wilt
Before I fall
I can only offer you my token of life
Feed my spirit
And it will grow towards the sky of bluest blue
Maybe, someday you’ll grow too
Way up there, high I the heavens
Enclosed by the stories of lost centuries
Don’t forget the trees
Because all you’ve got for now is me
Let me taste the rain before it falls

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chris456 said...
Apr. 10, 2009 at 4:23 pm
Hey, I really like this poem. I like how you captured the way the sky feels with your own feelings.
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