The painful truth behind his smile

February 23, 2018
By Shivani Nair SILVER, Thrissur, Other
Shivani Nair SILVER, Thrissur, Other
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Calculators would go insane ,
If they had to calculate the magnitude of his heart's pain,
For he is not allowed to weep,
Because it isn't a quality that gentlemen keep .
He's tired of being always there ,
For everyone no matter if he himself is in vain.
Every time he sees a feminist post,
He wishes there was something protecting him , his kind.
Something that will let the world know,
It's absolutely ok, not to be 'FINE.'
It's ok for him to weep,
It wouldn't make him any any atom less a MAN.
Letting him cry his heart out wouldn't cost the society a damn.
It is ok if he wishes to keep a day off from his deeds,
After all he too is a man,
The 'man' which is part of 'human'.
If girls are perfect regardless of their weight , height and size,
Then why is a man ,
Chubby , short , bald-headed considered unsuitable for a bride??
It's ok if his wife runs his business,
It's ok if he does domestic deeds,
It's ok if he earns less than his wife,
It is ok for him to be himself.
Why is tall ,dark the only features required for being FINE ?
Why is the quality of the brand he wears more worth than the quality of the heart that beats?
And I know one thing,
No man has ever tried to expose this pain,
He has never let the society feel,
It's painful to FEEL the pain !!
He is always meant to smile wide,
Even if his heart cries in grief.
Just one word for this world,
Let men be what they are.
Let them cry,
Let them FEEL the pain,
Let them help their females,
Let them be not 'The Head's of the family,
Let them be whatever the heck they feel ,
Let they themselves define the qualities of a MALE.
You cease rights away from the lady,
And cage the minds of a male??
And then expect everything to be sane?
Ridiculous as it sounds,
I do not know if this will ever change,
But to all the men in the world,
This is written in your honour,
You are manly if you weep !!
You are manly if a tough body you don't keep,
You are manly,
Not because of the deeds you do,
But because of the tone your hearts beat to.
I respect you for that !!

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