Here's To the Night

March 29, 2009
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I looked at the old wooden door.
Watched as you slammed it.
Watched as you left me.

I wrapped my arms around my shaking legs.
Holding the only thing I believed to be real anymore.
For fear that if I let go, I would literally fall apart.

I’ve never felt this kind of love before.
I’ve never felt it again.
I’ve never felt this kind of pain.
Bone-braking, heart-splitting pain.

I glanced through the window with my blurred eyes.
Watching as you walked down my street for the last time.
I got eaten alive by my love.

Remembering everything.
Every conversation, every I love you, every touch.
Addiction to you as strong as a drug.

Your love keeps me hostage.
It stole my freedom.
It consumed my life.

My soul followed you.
Through the rainstorm,
Through the endless night

I’m no longer whole,
No longer complete.
I’m so alone

The bare wood floors chills my skin
Your whisper still resides in my ear
My nails dig at my flesh, I can’t let go

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