March 29, 2009
Blue is color
It is the color of the sea
A sea that erupts with destruction,
A raw force of nature
And a sea that cascades with originality
Creativity at its pinnacle
Death and life collided together
Suppressed by the shore
When stately waves crusted with foam
Come crashing down onto divided territory
Blue is color
Its’ artist paints the skies
Queen of the day and night
Her dress is sewn with sapphires
And her crown is carved,
Shaped with frozen tears of the Northern waters
She uses the richest hues,
Dye from a robin’s egg for the afternoon
And the ink of the hydrangeas for the morning light
Blue is color
Its’ mystery is weaved through the blackness of night
Painted with the most coveted substance
The blood of the sea
It is unlike our blood of necessity
For its’ blue stain empowers those most drawn to its’ poignant song
Once her stained brush touches the canvas,
It cannot be tamed
The quintessence of life swallows the earth
And births light among the lost
Blue is color
It hides the wandering
And masks the hidden
Its’ cloak of night is threaded with lies
Untrue thoughts of evil and death told against it
Conversations spoken from people drowned in their own shallow water
Afraid to see raw beauty reflected in the moon
As it challenges us to see a shard of its appearance
Hidden in the shadows it brings morning to us
Blue is color
Outside it is there
Inside it is everywhere
Those who can see it understand how it lives
A smooth glass shattered by human emotions
Its’ life is an eternity
But its’ soul is shared among us, as long as we can embrace it
Discover its texture
Stand in the rain and feel each drop color your skin
Color is blue

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