Happy To Be Alive

February 11, 2018
By parisbarnes_14 BRONZE, Ottawa, Ontario
parisbarnes_14 BRONZE, Ottawa, Ontario
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Happy to be alive
I am lying on the grass
The Sun is bright
My heart is warm
I feel so alive
But what about when I die?
What will the world be like?
Did I affect it in any way?
Will my life mean something?
It’s hard some days when I  walk through a dark alley
You can get stabbed like J.T Yorke from Degrassi
But one by one as the days go by
One by one as people die
One by one as the world keeps saying they don't care about me or my life
I’m happy to be lying on the grass looking at the bright blue sky
Blinded by the sun
I’m happy  to be  alive

The author's comments:

I wrote this just from looking at the sun

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