A Half Flower

February 9, 2018
By girlfromhawaii BRONZE, Mountain View, Hawaii
girlfromhawaii BRONZE, Mountain View, Hawaii
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She was a princess filled with compassion,
And he was a prince filled with greed.                           
As a royal her parents chose for she.
She was young and as well was he.

Not a single choice, not a single consent.
Forced to marry him with full endorsement.
Himself disgusted and bitter her,
But he demanded to have her.

Her heart full of hate she wish it’d wait.
The love she craved within is not in him.
Soon she’ll be his it will evince.
So he thinks he is convinced.

The hideous day turned into dark gray.
A marriage that will to begin.
Something crawled under the princess pale skin.
A rage deep down she couldn’t resist.
she ran away in such instant.

The path she ran brought her to.
A half flower that grew by the seawater.
Only to be picked by the stem.
To not ruin the figure of the gem.

The path she ran that has stumbled upon.
A cave that looked way beyond.
Her curiosity turned to wonder.
It didn’t expect an encounter.

How deranged the princess to go nearer.
To have a better look clearer.
A young man it seemed to be all alone.
Strange one that looks head to toe.

A pond that hid in the cave mirrored
Caught four brown eyes that flickered.
Love at first sight captured the dark clear night.
That Brought two souls in the cave light.

Her love carried a half flower gem.
From the mountain it only stemmed.
From the sea it’s other stem.
She carried a half flower gem.

His love and she brought the halves to each other.
Forming a whole that brings two together.
She found what she yearned in him.
The love she craved within.

What the prince saw the air stenched fright.
Two shadows he seen in a cave with light.
The prince eyes turned a scarce pitch black.
There was no turning back.

As the vile prince ended them with a hook.
The black eyes had finally took.
In his eyes his soul was completely gone.
He felt no conscience when he was finally done.

The black eyes that lurked throughout that night.
Brought no mercy in it’s sight.
The dark night ended with a silent dead.
The pond stained with a thick red.

On the return of that night of gruesome death.
The pond in the cave fills with red.
Not of their blood but with bright red shrimp.
Resembling the bloody princess and her only wish.

The author's comments:

This piece is inspired from a legend from where i come from Which is Hawaii. It's a legend about a Hawaiian (ha-why-an) princess that had a arranged marriage. Fleds to a cave and finds a young man. They fall in love instantly. The fiance catches them. He ends up killing the both of them. It says on a clear night the pond in the cave turns red. It fills up with millions of tiny red shrimp klnown as opai (oh-pie). But to resemble the blood of the two lovers death. 

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