For my Brother

February 9, 2018
By Anonymous

Never came home
20 months up state felt so lost
Dehydrated tears

Lost my mind when I lost you
Phone calls every week from north-coast

But it was never enough
Tried to fill the gap with xans
Now lost and addicted

Ever leave again I’d fall
And I’d never get up the same

Hurt but never physical
Always wish the best of you
Stared at you through glass

You don’t know how bad it hurt
Never wish that upon anybody

Lost a piece of me
Didn’t have any control of it
I was so helpless

The author's comments:

My brother but also my best friend got incarcerated for almost 2 years and i felt so lost in that time and tried to fill the gap he left in my heart with drugs and other things thta were only temporary.

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