February 9, 2018
By Minionrose BRONZE, Charolton, Massachusetts
Minionrose BRONZE, Charolton, Massachusetts
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I will never look in a mirror because it tells all lies,
it labels me as an ugly girl in society's eyes,
And that I'm nothing more than a nerdy geek,
Who will only ever have two clumsy left feet,
It doesn't show the beautiful person that I knows inside,
Who because of the mirror has only ever cried,
A girl who will always think that she is only bleek,
Instead of an amazing girl that is unique,
This girl won't see her best because she only sees the worst,
And that's just because this mirror got her cursed,
Because a mirror can not show this girl’s pure heart,
And how this girl is really truly smart,
So when you walk past a mirror please remember this,
That there is a girl who will truly be missed,
For she couldn't see a friendly girl who everyone needs,
And went on a path that no one should lead,
And when you hear this poem that you will see,
How a stupid little mirror can make you dead like me.

The author's comments:

 I am working on loving myself the way I am. I hope people will see by reading this that you only see flaws about yourself and you wont see the amazing person you are and that your perfect and not to think other wise.

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