Oh, Human Body

February 8, 2018
By LucyMorrison BRONZE, Newark, Ohio
LucyMorrison BRONZE, Newark, Ohio
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Oh, human body
How you carry me and allow me to keep moving forward.
You take me where I want to go.
Where I strive to be.
Thank you for showing me right and wrong.
For being able to contain my thoughts, hopes, and dreams.
Thank you for teaching me what love is.
For pumping my blood through my veins so I can feel renewed.
Thank you for keeping me standing strong and sophisticated.
For leading me far and wide to arrive at an adventurous point.
Thank you for allowing me to reach further and further for the things I dream to have.
For pushing me up off the ground when I fall
when my legs fail me because
my brain was wandering and
my heart was lushing over love.
Thank you, body, for being balanced and built bold.
For solving issues by using other bones and tissue to keep me alive.
Oh, how I hated you.
I loathed the utter thought of what you were.
“Too much here” and “not enough there”.
Those thoughts racing through my brain
“Be like her, she’s better than you.”
Skinnier, smaller, stifling back tears of pure hatred towards myself.
“I don’t look like that, I’m not good enough.”
But, oh, human body, how pure you are.
How I have grown to realize that you are made to support me and only me.
You are specifically designed for me.
No one else is exactly like me.
Picture positivity.
The process of promising yourself to be perfect is painful, pointless,
is a problem.
Don’t travel down that road.
Accept yourself.
Acceptance is a form of love.
Someone would rather say they accept themselves
than that they love themselves
because when you say you love yourself
you’re selfish, conceited, pretentious.
But, when you say you accept yourself
you’re confident, independent,
People love other people who love being their own people.
It’s time to grow.
Oh, human body,
it’s time to bloom,
to blossom,
to believe you are beautiful.
Because, no.
No one is perfect.
It’s a lie if someone says you’re perfect
because perfect is too broad, okay?
You’re not perfect,
you’re unique, strange, goofy, different.
You’re not perfect,
you’re intelligent, caring, sensitive, wonderful.
Perfect is too broad.
I will say it one more time.
You are not perfect.
You are so much more than that.
Oh, human body,
how I wish with all of my heart that other human bodies will understand.
That they will accept themselves because they can.
They will realize that they’re not perfect because my vision of perfection is different than yours.
My perfect is different from your perfect,
is different from her perfect,
is different from his perfect,
is different from their perfect.
That they will be proud of who they are.
Oh, human body, I hope you accept me, too.
Because I accept you and no one is going to change my mind
ever again.
Oh, human body,
what a wonderous thing you are.

The author's comments:

Body image has always been a part of my life and I know it's part of others' lives as well. I wanted to write something to really thank my own body for doing what it needs to do, but to also show others that you can thank your body, too.

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