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February 17, 2018
By Hannah_crosby23 BRONZE, Alexandria, Minnesota
Hannah_crosby23 BRONZE, Alexandria, Minnesota
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In the photo you see here, we are in a cave. It really cold and lots of walking. I’m with my little sister but in real life I’m with my family. We were on vacation in South Dakota. It was really hot outside but when i got into the cave it was really cold. I could say that it was   like 56 degrees. There were really tight spaces but I made it through fast. It was an hour long tour that we had. We saw animals carved in the rock that the people made. If you touch the rock the oil of your skin would damage the rock. The walking tour is great for the whole family. This fun and educational underground guided cave tour reveals the beautiful and amazing carvings formed by nature. Explore subterranean passageways that lead to spectacular stalactite rooms and discover other natural limestone cave formations. An expert guide will lead you on a one-hour journey through local history, cave geology and the many untold stories that reveal the hidden world that lies beneath us. It’s a total must-do attraction for anyone visiting the Black Hills.  Some stooping in places for low ceiling & ability to climb many stairs and inclines are necessary.

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