Mirror Mirror

February 16, 2018
By whispering-wolf GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
whispering-wolf GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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what we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes apart of us.
-Helen Keller

Mirror, mirror on the wall
I've been staring at you since I could crawl
I've been told
That you mesure beauty until we grow old
Mirror, mirror that stand tall
Tell me why you make me feel so small?
You bring all of my insecurities to the surface
And make me feel as if I'm the circus
Mirror, mirror that hangs in the hall
Do I have to look at you at all?
You show me everything wrong with me
And make sure thats allĀ  I ever see
Mirror, mirror that I don't look at at all
Tell me why did I allow you to make me feel small
Without you now I've realized
That everything you told were lies
Now I can smile without fear
And have no shame in my cheer
Mirror, mirror on the wall
I've realized that I dont need you at all

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this was the fact that many young women and men can relate to the idea that the mirror shows our flaws and not our perfection.

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