February 16, 2018
By nebinder BRONZE, Apex, North Carolina
nebinder BRONZE, Apex, North Carolina
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  Without it, the entirety of the world
  Would have been swallowed whole
  By the clutches of hatred centuries ago.
  We would all be dust, destroyed by those
  We labelled enemies for no logical reason,
  Fighting like a group of wild dogs whose souls had been seized by rabies.

  Pouring endless amounts of knowledge and hope
  Into this seemingly tragic territory we call home,
  Everyone working with whatever wisdom is accessible
  To make living a life we did not get a choice in more bearable.
  Whether or not it will be admitted, it is known.
  Ideas are the weapons we use to conquer what plagues us.
  They are our savior.

  A bringer of life to your troubled soul,
  Allowing a new light to shine
  On the game of checkers you’d play with your dad every night
  Before your head hit your favorite soft,
  Clean white pillow at eight.
  Society has forced the negativity of change
  Down the throats of everyone
  Its sickening long claws can reach,
  But we are the ones who choose what touches the tips of our tongues,
  Where the flavor that gives life
  Its special taste lies.

  Worries and troubles,
  Pieces of trash kept around to remind everyone that,
  While the sun may be shining its brightest now,
  Darkness sits in the corner of your room,
  A wide grin on its face,
  Eagerly awaiting its return to your life.
  You hardest challenge,
  But the final piece of humanity’s intricate puzzle.
  The key to human nature,
  It keeps us going even when our feet
  Can not support our heavy hearts.
  Without it, we are merely small mice
  Building the same shelter over and over again,
  Having not the slightest clue that it will crumble to the ground
  Just like the last one did.

With all of our life, we live.

The author's comments:

I was inspired by the many analyzations of of human nature and life to write this piece.

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amyfad9876 said...
on Feb. 21 2018 at 12:42 pm
amyfad9876, Apex, North Carolina
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Great job! This poem is really well written! You are such a good writer!

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