they will know another

February 16, 2018
By hrlnicholas BRONZE, Somerset, Kentucky
hrlnicholas BRONZE, Somerset, Kentucky
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Disease, natural disasters, war, for all that we try we can never stop the death of all that we hold dear. We try to stop the forces that pervade our world but it seems as if it’s never enough. We drive many diseases to extinction: Measles, chicken pox and more, we their are children starving in africa, having their bodies bloat and decay because they haven’t had the food or the medicine to treat themselves,all that we send seems to little to late. The disease that takes more of our lives and the lives of the ones we love,has yet to be stopped. Sometimes it feels as if we can never stop it.

We have cut short dictators from murdering their innocent. We have stopped hitler, pol pot, stalin and more but even today as their reins end over their countries more people and sometimes worse people have arisen to take their place. Kony in 2012, using child soldiers to fight his war to take over parts of africa, bin laden who thought it was his duty to stop what he perceived to be the evil capitalist country of the United States and others, they always come back.

We build our walls high to try and create a defense against the weather, from tornados, floods, fires, and more but no matter how much we prepare hurricanes like hurricane Katrina that nearly decimated New Orleans come again and again. After it we prepared the cities in case a hurricane of its magnitude reared its head again and when it came it was as if we were still unprepared. It seems as though our children and children's children will always know another.

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