February 14, 2018
By Anonymous

There all five of us sat;  Me, my brother, my sister, my mom, and her boyfriend. We lived in a three-bedroom house, and my mom was the only one working i was eight; my brother was seven, and my sister was barely one. We were having a casual day, watching TV, when all of a sudden, my mom and her boyfriend start arguing. We were all confused on what happened. My mom told us to go to our rooms and close the door; well, we didn’t listen to her. We went to our bedroom and watched what would happen next: they were arguing, and at first was nothing physical,  just verbal, but that all changed when my mom’s boyfriend punched her right in the face for what seemed to be for no reason. My mom hit the ground and then got back up real quick as as she ran and grabbed us; we ran out of the house, and as we ran, my mom’s boyfriend chased us into the car.

My mom was bleeding from her nose. My siblings and I were all crying in the back seat, because we thought we were going to be killed. We soon pulled out of the driveway and raced out of the neighborhood. We went straight to my mom’s friends house. We stayed there for a couple nights. We ended up going home on a Saturday, we all expected another argument, hoping it would just be verbal this time.

We get to the house and anything we had that was important was gone. At the time my mom worked at a daycare, so she didn’t make enough money. Pretty much every Friday, my mom would go out, and we would stay with our aunt, but one day she came home with a man. We were all confused because this wasn’t her boyfriend,  but little did we know that he was the man who basically saved us.

This man is now my step-dad. At the time, he lived in Mississippi and was here for work, but my mom started talking to him on a daily basis and we would see him about every other weekend.

On October 11, 2011, a day before my mom’s birthday. He proposed to my mom. she cried and thankfully said, “Yes,” and the very first year they were married he moved to Texas so he could be with us. We still didn’t know that he would be our savior; we just thought that it was going to be like her last relationship.

But we were wrong. He did everything he could for us. He bought us a new house with all of our own bedrooms; he helped my mom get into college, because she wanted to be a nurse, and now they’ve been married 6 years. We now moved to a different town. My mom got her degree and is now a nurse and very close to being a doctor, but recently my step-dad was diagnosed with epilepsy and bad seizures to where he can’t drive or work.

We thought, Now, this is going to go down the drain, and it will be like last time, but we were wrong again: my step-dad works as a horse trainer now and he still does everything he possibly can for us: he cooks, cleans, and does everything around the house so we can do what we want.

I just wanted to express how much I appreciate the work, love and many other things he does to help our family.

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