What's the difference?

February 19, 2018
By Eliza... SILVER, Calumet City, Illinois
Eliza... SILVER, Calumet City, Illinois
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Does it really matter
What makes us all so different
So what, she’s a little fatter
Or just a different pigment.

Nothing is the same
So, how is different weird?
It’s just such a shame
We’re not how we appeared
So, let’s all just accept them
I know it might be strange
But we’re all just like them
And we need a little change.

All of the condescension
Not even to mention,
The negative attention
Where’s the prevention
Where is the peace
It’s all so zealous
When will it cease
No need to be jealous.
Because there is no pity
And we’re not envious
Some may be witty
But no need to envy us.


The author's comments:

We all may be different, but we are made of the same thing, made of the same elements. Every living thing is composed of water, electricity, earth, air and heat, so we are all different but yet the exact same.

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