Ode To Depression

February 14, 2018
By coldhearted.milagros BRONZE, Sacramento , California
coldhearted.milagros BRONZE, Sacramento , California
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" Prayed for better days but ain't better days coming" - MOZZY

You creeps up on you quietly like a lion does with its prey… ready to viciously attack at any sudden moment.
You make me struggle with life's tiniest little things but I’ll choose to ignore it.
It’s like a migraine.
You feel every single pulse and you tell yourself it's temporary and it’ll pass and it’s just another bad headache but it’s not.
You get stuck in a state of mind we’re your used to putting on a social mask everyday and continue to live like other people because that's what you’re supposed to do.
You begin to struggle more to put on a play everyday and it begins to cost you more causing you to fall even more deeper and that’ when you begin to slowly back yourself away from friends and family to the point where you completely shut them out like blinds on a window do when it’s sunny outside.
The things that once caused you satisfaction are now worthless and meaningless to you.
Even the most simplest tasks become vulnerable and painful and that’s why you begin to lack motivation.
Everything makes you feel worse and you find yourself caught up in some type of vicious circle and you’ll find yourself living in slow motion.
Days become unbearable and undisguisable black noise, heaviness, filling your mind with negativity and it’s slowly spilling all over your body.
Instead of you controlling your thoughts, your thoughts begin to control you.
You feel like the pain will never go away and you’ll never be that once happy person you where in the past so you just continue to push and back away from all sorts of relationships.
You begin to feel ashamed for the things you’ve done and haven’t done.
Things that make your friends thrilled leave you feeling indifferent and you begin to notice the big gap that lies between you and your friends.
Failure Is NOT an option… So In the end you choose to be alone In your own comfort zone where no one bothers slowly drifting away with the pain and forgetting about the cruel world.

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